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Hi, my name is Kosmin Andrew. I live and work in the city of Kiev, in Ukraine, but I often visit Poland, and we can work in any city in the country. I am a big fan of traditional Japanese tattoos and I work only in this style! I observe the sterility of the procedure, using only high-quality imported material from official distributors. I think that you need to deserve a tattoo conscious choice, what you do, why and from whom. Having spent dozens of hours from consultation and creating a sketch to many hours of sessions and quality care, only then the tattoo will be a continuation and complement to you!



I work only according to my unique sketches in traditional Japanese style, which I create for each client individually! If you want a unique tattoo, which will be a continuation of yourself, bears not only an aesthetic component, but also a semantic load, in a style that is time-tested and relevant at any age - come to me and I will help you create the tattoo that you need!


tattoo and designs

Here you can learn more about the examples of my designs and works made on them!


details and prices

Consultation (free)

Consultation (required) - consultation does not oblige you to anything and is free. - I will answer all your questions; - I will explain the process of work; - I will help to decide on the plot of the tattoo; - Discuss the date and place of the session

Development of a unique design: (€ 50)

- I work only according to my own sketches in the traditional Japanese style, which I develop for each client individually. - We discuss, coordinate, create. (To create large-scale tattoos, you must develop a design in advance - the cost is € 50)

Cost of session
Poland 1200 pln)

- The whole day goes to work! - Preparation of the workplace, transfer of the picture \ freehand and breaks are not included in the assessment, only the tattooing process itself. - The optimal break time between sessions is 3-4 weeks (more often, depending on the stage of work)

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