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Before your consultation::

View my portfolio.

Ask yourself the question, do you need a “master” and are you ready to trust me?

Please check up my portfolio ones more, just to be sure that my style of work is compatible to your tattoo idea, I wouldn’t be able to help if it’s not

Collect reference pictures to clearly illustrate your tattoo idea in the best way. Please note: I work by custom only. Photos of someone else’s tattoos can only be used as an example of desired tattoo style. Absolutely NO copying of other peoples tattoos or parts of that tattoos! More tips about custom tattooing can be found here



I only take consultation bookings via e-mail, please send me detailed conceptual description of your tattoo idea, including approximate expecting size, body part, left or right side etc. Please attach all images you have collected. The more useful information you can provide, the quicker your actual consultation can be scheduled.

I work only in styles represented in my portfolio and absolutely serious about results of my work, that’s why I’m always really selective on what to do on skin. For instance, I never makeletterings, sorry about that. Please, set up your consultation appointment only if you strongly believe that I can do what exactly you want.

Prepay - if we have a mutual understanding and general vision of work - prepay € 50 (included in the last session cost) DISCOVERY \ SKETCH, DISCUSS, AGREEMENT, CREATE!


We agree on a free date for which you will definitely come (in case you don’t succeed due to one reason or another, to come to a session that you have already signed up for, then warn for 3-4 days of the day (for free), for 2 days ($ 20 penalty - deducted from prepayment) Stability of the work process and its relevance with large-scale tattoos - the optimal break time between sessions is 3-4 weeks (more often, depending on the work phase), the pause between sessions (over the unfinished project) is more than 3-4 months - we stop cooperation ($ 50 prepayment-not ozvraschayutsya himself sketch and publications with a tattoo -Removes of the portfolio)


Conflicts, lack of trust, mutual understanding and mutual respect, boorish attitude / communication, scandals, inadequate personalities – treat our work, trust and we create a cool, interesting and unique work (the last session is cheaper by the amount of the advance).




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Tattoo care


1. Panthenol ointment (for skin regeneration of the first 3 days with a compress)

2. Panestin gel (for skin regeneration from the 4th day without a compress)

3. Chlorohexedine (antiseptic)

4.Child diaper 60 * 90 (thin for a compress)

5. Transparent plaster in the tape (for fixing the compress)

6.Paper canvas or napkins (for tattoo washing)

7. Liquid soap with disposable dispenser (safeguard)

Note: from the evening before the session, you must shave the tattooing site, in the morning eat tight.

DO NOT FORGET! —That the tattoo is the work of both the master and yours, if at the end of the session the master's work is completed - at the time when your work is just beginning and the final 100% result of the healed tattoo depends only on you! Compliance with these recommendations will help keep the tattoo in a form that you leave at the end of the session with the master!


Remove the compress, then wash your hands and clean your hands thoroughly with warm water with antibacterial soap (safeguard \ any other liquid soap with a disposable dispenser) with clean hands, then soak up the anti-inflammatory agent “chlorhexidine”. ichor, lymph – as a result of which you will observe a tattoo imprint on a compress.


Apply copious amounts of healing ointment (Panthenol ointment / bepapten ointment), after applying to the tattoo, rub with a massaging motion over the entire surface

IT IS FORBIDDEN! To use other ointments and creams except:

BEPAPTEN ointment, PANTESTIN gel, PANTENOL ointment.


After applying a healing ointment, you need to put a baby diaper over the top (the size of the compress should be more than the size of the tattoo by 2-5 cm in each direction, in order to avoid slipping) fix with a transparent adhesive to the body). Fix the compress in the optimal position so that the body can move comfortably.


Change compresses within 3 days, every 5-6 hours (if it is worth choosing to change the compress before the schedule or later, change the compress earlier in order to avoid skin penetration, which causes “rubbish”.


After 3 days of performing the above procedure, from compressing the tattoo with “chlorhexidine”, it is necessary to refuse and continue to moisturize the skin with “PANTENOL ointment or PANTHESTIN gel” (for convenience). From the 4th day, the tattoo will begin to hesitate and itch (do not scratch!) –With the right care, after another 3-4 days, a thin layer of the epidermis will descend as after tanning. Try to keep the tattoo in a constantly moist state to avoid drying the tattoo.

Just try not to give a load and not to deform the place of tattoo healing (in order to avoid puffiness - in cases of edema, it is necessary to reduce the load), wear loose clothing and not of synthetic material.

The average healing time of a tattoo is 7 days (applying a healing ointment / gel), complete regeneration of the skin for 3-4 weeks (during this period, do not steam, do not scratch the skin and continue to moisturize the baby cream)

IT IS FORBIDDEN: to use a scrub on a site with a tattoo or other ointments other than the above, scratching, peeling, steaming and applying the ointment with your hands without rinsing, you must also refuse to visit the hall and the bath - at least the first 2 weeks of healing.

This model of healing will allow you to heal your tattoo as quickly and comfortably as possible, to prevent inflammation and loss of pigment, (if you have any questions regarding healing, please call 095-803-82-23 Andrew)